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For as long as I can remember there's been little warnings on the posters of films and DVD covers. Things like "Warning: Contains scenes of a sexual nature etc". Spider-man 2 had one saying "Contains scenes of Fantasy Violence" and I remember thinking how silly that was, "Fantasy Violence"? I mean come on! However a few months ago I saw one that completely took the biscuit for stupidity. It was a kids film called Aliens in The Attic and the poster said "WARNING: CONTAINS ONE SCENE OF FIRE WORK MISUSE." I actually couldn't believe it.

Has anyone else seen any rediculous film warnings or cautions?

Why can't the warnings be useful like "WARNING: CONTAINS 2 HOURS OF PARIS HILTON TRYING TO ACT"?


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hahahaha. I've never paid all that much attention to them. The Aliens in the Attic thing has officially made me want read more of them. Wow, I am laughing my ass off right now as pathetic as it is.


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As silly as that sounds, if you're worried about your kids running out and trying something they see on a movie, that would probably have to be one of the top things to be careful about. Most kids don't have access to guns, or chainsaws, or whatever, but fireworks? Kids play with those all the time. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if kids think "Dude, let's do what they did in that movie"


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I think they only put these on G and PG movies but maybe I just haven't noticed them on the higher ratings. And as somebody who is older, people like us probably would laugh at them but you have to remember that kids do a lot of dumb things. That's why warning parents of certain things in movies isn't really a bad idea. You don't want your 5 year old coming home with an interest in blowing things up, after all.


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They may be really dumb to rational people, but I think it's kind of like those warning labels of appliances. They seem dumb, but people are pretty impressionable. It's surprising yet not surprising.


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The stupidest warning I've ever seen wasn't on a move/DVD cover, but rather on a container of sleeping pills. It read WARNING: MAY CAUSE SLEEPINESS ????


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"Zombie violence"

That's my favorite rating you can see here in the US. As opposed to regular violence?