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Movies Film Days


aka ginger warlock
I am currently on a film binge and watching a lot of films. I seem to go through this in stages where I can go over two weeks without even thinking of watching a film and then some weekends where I can get through 3 films in one day on a weekend.

Do you often do the same? Do you set time aside for yourself one day a week for yourself where you do nothing but sit in a comfy chair or lie in bed and watch 3 or 3 films in a row?


Well-Known Member
I'm similar. I can go weeks without being inclined to watch a movie, or only watching one a week (the new movies on sky every Friday) but then I have days where I will do nothing but watch movies. I'm planning a big movie weekend this coming weekend, where I will be doing nothing but watching the LotR and Blade trilogies.


I do this whenever I'm sick. If I have a cold and am staying home from school I just watched heaps of movies in a row. Sometimes I go on themed binges, like watch only Disney films, then other times I will just watch anything at all.


Registered Member
Yeah I do exactly the same there will be days where i watch 3-4 films and then that will be enough for a week or two. but I find whenever I'm watching a string of films they're always ones I've already seen. I guess I'm just not inclined to start a new film. at least with a film I've already seen I know if I'll enjoy it or not.