fillers to end soon!


Naruto Part 2 to begin Episode 200
Reported by: Tazmo on Monday, Aug. 14th, 2006 at 02:05PM
If we are to believe recent reports coming out today, the Naruto anime fillers will come to an end with Episode 199 of the Japanese Naruto anime series, and the much awaited Kakashi Gaiden will air starting on Episode 200 and go through to Episode 204, and Part 2 of the Naruto series that has been over a year in the making will air with Episode 205. The episode titles for the following are: Konoha's Yellow Flash Appears!, Kakashi Gaiden Starts!!!!!, Kakashi Break Down! The Sharingan Awakens, and finally End of Kakashi Gaiden! 205 Begins the Next Generation! - whether this is true or not we will have to wait and see, but it sure sounds convincing and Naruto fans around the world will rejoice! It should be noted that this is not 100% confirmed, and may or may not be correct. So, please don't get your hopes up until such time there is confirmation.

yes! they finally come to an end, cant wait to see the teen naruto and the other characters aswell, man new justus and powers, cant wait!


I just want to see Timeskip Sasuke destroy temporary Team 7 again. Though that will probably be a while from now.