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file transfer.


New Member
I need to find a way to transfer 280GB of data from one server to another without compromising the security and permission settings on all files.

Please any help.:tired:


New Member
Yeesh. Usually to transfer files I use Logmein pro, which I love, but I've rarely had to move such a hefty load as you have to.

I mean the logmein route may be reasonable if you can split the files up; you said 280GB of data, not a 280GB file right?

Are you physically near both servers? It might be worth it just to buy a hard drive, put the data onto it, and either bring it with you or ship it to the other server.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I wouldn't recommend "shipping" a hard drive with your sensitive data on it though. I agree about splitting up the files though. As long as it's not one BIG file, you should be able to split them up into sections or groups and move each.


Registered Member
You could use ntbackup, or a third-party application to backup the data to your media of choice. NTBackup gives you the option to make sure security and permissions is kept in place. From there, you could use something like secure ftp to send the data over the network, or transfer the data to tape and physically move it to its destination.

Another option would be ghost, which makes a low-level image of the data onto a partition, hard drive, or media to be restored somewhere else.

In both cases the data is copied, which will allow you to verify data is in good working order prior to removing the data from the existing machine.
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