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www . e85fuel . com

Unlike the hydrogen initiative that GWB* is pushing, this is an alternative that can be put in place right now. Ethanol has been around along time, but now it is getting cheaper to produce than gas. I read about gas stations that are selling E85 for under $1/gallon right now! That's exciting. Somewhere there is a public compnay that will profit from this.

*For the record, I like Bush. I just think the hydrogen inititive isn't the best way to end our dependancy on hydro-cardons.


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Regular ethanol (87 octane fuel) is selling about 10 cents a gallon cheaper the regular unleaded (85 octane fuel). They need to start looking at going completely to pure 100% ethanol. Then we wouldn't need any oil. We could get the fuel we needed from the crops that we grow (corn, wheat, barley, etc.).
I guess that's why you posted XTHN as a technology of the future in another thread, huh? I think we are going over the 50% mark of oil in the world and what the economies of the world needs to run on. There's quite a few years left before you'll have to completely switch from oil to another energy source, but we're going into the peak phase and from here on out oil should be going downhill. The entire oil business anyway.... But then again, you have the untapped oil of iraq that will probably be exported to the US.