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Have you ever been in a fight?

My last genuine brawl (over two decades ago) was against a Canadian, in Japan, following a pickup basketball game that got way out of hand. It got quite bloody, and to my surprise, I fared well.

Not sure if there are any Canadians here, but it's a myth, not all of them are nice.


Registered Member
I'm Canadian and I'm really nice. Although, yeah, some can be assholes.

All kidding aside, I probably threw one punch in my life and the other guy barely felt anything. Luckily, I never was on the receiving end of a punch and I hope I never will.


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Sure, when I was younger (I'm from Texas), I threw jabs on several occasions. In Texas, we are taught to defend yourself and your beliefs. It does lead, from time to time, to fights and you had better know how to handle yourself.