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Fighting Game Companies



Now I know some of these companies aren't primarily fighting game companies anymore, but that's what they are most famous for. Between CAPCOM, SNK, Tecmo, Namco, Sammy, and SEGA, it's a little hard to compare who has the best genre of fighting games. I don't really have a favorite because there are way too many games that I like from these companies. What company do you think has the best quality in fighting games?


I'd have to say all of those companies make damn good fighting games. IMO Midway has lost their touch with fighting games (Mortal Kombat has gotten WAYYYYYYYY out of hand). Capcom still comes out with good fighting games... i really wish they would release a new Power Stone game, because that was a damn good game. The last few SNK games haven't impressed me (SVC: Chaos wasn't THAT great... CVS FOR LIFE!). Tecmo slightly irritated me with DOA4. I don't own the game, but I played it a couple times. I hate the revamp in the reversal system, and it doesn't seem like graphics are THAT much better than DOA3. Sammy is still amazing, GGX2 = <3. Namco is still making great games. Tekken 5 and Soul Caliber 3 were both ACE games. And Sega is still in there with Virtura Fighter.



id probably say capcom is probably one of the best for the 2d side scrolling anime type ones, and namco takes the cake for the 3d environments. just my .02 :p

OVR 06

in terms of pure 2d fighting games
sammy easily takes the cake. no
other company right now stacks
up in any way. hell, the only other
company still making 2d's is SNK.

in terms of 3d, namco may very
well be at the top based purely
on popularity. but you'd be hard
pressed to find a tournament
player who rates tekken or soul
calibur higher than virtua fighter
right now.

dont even start on capcom. they've
totally lost their fire. they havent
produced a decent game since the
late 90's/early 2000's.


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Hmmm, here are a few of my favorite fighting games and the companies that made them:

Eternal Champions - SEGA
Weaponlord - Namco
Guilty Gear XX #Reload - Sammy
Samurai Showdown (any of them) - SNK
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Capcom
Streat Fighter 3 3rd Strike - Capcom
Marvel VS Capcom 2 - Capcom
Soul Blade/Caliber - Namco
Mortal Kombat 2 - Midway
Mortal Kombat Trilogy - Midway
Dead or Alive 2/3 - Tecmo

I never played the King of Fighters games. I wanted to but never got the chance. Anyway, those are most of my favorites. I never cared for Tekken or Virtua Fighter. Never got to play Fighting Vipers. If a game isn't listed I either didn't get a chance to play it or it didn't make a significant impact on me.


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whoever makes soul calibur -(is it namco) i think has made the best fighting games.


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Sammy is the best with 2D fighters, while Tecmo has won in 3D fighters through the DOA games. Sammy because they keep the genre alive without just throwing out compilation after compilation, and Tecmo for DOA's intricate fighting system, and for showing you don't need hadokens for a good fighter.