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Fifty Shades of Grey blamed for rise in handcuff emergencies


Registered Member
'... trapped in a toaster and another in a vacuum cleaner.'

I don't even know what to say...


I feel like that kinda... Stuff... Has been getting much more popular and stuff over the past years, I doubt it has anything to do with a book series...


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've never read 50 Shades but some of these incidents I doubt had anything to do with the book but more with stupidity, like getting your hand stuck in a shredder. If your going to use handcuffs keep the key handy or make sure you have one to begin with.

I don't see why someone with a ring stuck on their finger can't travel to get help instead of calling the rescue squad out to their house. Would save taxpayers money.


I think the only reason they think it's connected to the book is because everyone has noticed a huge rise in particular cases like handcuffs since the book was released. Which does sound like it has some connection when you see it that way. It would be a weird coincidence otherwise.


No Custom Title Exists
It amazes me what people will try just to spice their sexual life based on a book. If I was the fireman, I would stand there for hours and laugh and then MAYBE free them.


Sally Twit
I do believe there could be some truth to it, though. For a long time all I would ever hear at work is women talking about those books. Some women at work would tell me their husbands were really happy they had been reading it because things in the bedroom had never been so good. lol


I'm serious
Yet another example of how people can be so stupid. That book is the worst book ever and I cannot believe that it captivated so many women, and to top it off, it did so in a point where it actually translates through to the bedroom. Really, people never seize to amaze me.
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