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FIFA 10 or 11? And other sports game recommendations


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I really want to get a new sports game, and I've been wanting a soccer game for a while, so I thought about getting FIFA 10. I know FIFA 11 is coming out in a couple months, but I figured I'd just get 10 now since it must be cheaper. Well, it's still $60, so I'm probably going to wait for 11. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Is 10 worth getting now, or is 11 supposed to be a big improvement? If there are big changes to 11 then I'll wait, but if there's only small stuff like roster updates then I would rather just get 10 now.

If I wait for FIFA 11 I might get NCAA Football 11 to keep me busy until then. Has anyone played that yet? Any good? I'm also open to other recommendations for sports games. I tend to prefer realistic simulation-style games over arcade-style games like NBA Street. Also, I do not want any baseball games.


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I'd recommend just getting FIFA 10 because to be honest, not much ever really changes between soccer games (almost like Madden!). I'll be honest in saying I've never seen anything about 11, but from my experience with the past soccer games, they really are all the same.

NCAA 11 is suppose to be a huge improvment from 10, but..BUT.. if you check out Operation Sports (Official Glitches/Bugs Thread - Operation Sports Forums), there seems to be a lot of glitches that need patched.. more so for the 360 then the PS3. I myself am still playing 10.

Obviously Madden 11 is adding Online Team Play, where it can be 3v3. One person picks QB, one RB and a WR.. and then you play as their significant other on defense (except for QB, you play D-line I believe).


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I've played FIFA 10, and it was a fantastic game. The game play is extremely easy and comfortable to adjust.

I played NCAA Football 2011 for a few hours and it's the best one yet in my opinion.

I also recently bought MLB The Show 2010 and it's really fun, but I'm not sure if you're into Baseball games.


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Just get FIFA 10. There's not much change between one season of a sports game, especially soccer where there is no salary cap and all the playes stay on the same team. Apart from that the controls are great, the game modes are okay, and if you just want to play and have fun with it don't wait a couple of months for nothing.


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You should be content with FIFA 10 if you want to play some soccer now. Madden 11 will be good, but I won't be getting it.