fiends and archfiends


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these are both good types in my mind that should see use. Dark Ruler will help against recruiter and is 50ATK higher then any monarch. plus they have their own version of snatch and tons of support cards that make them a viable type in this meta.


The only problem with fiends is that they don't have 'enough' m/t support to supplement their negation/field control game...not even splashed with toolbox do they have a chance to be Tier 1-worthy nowadays...Hades is probably one ov the only playable tribute fiends that are workable besides Skull Archfiend ov Lightning...we already see stuff like Dark Geloid, Newdoria, Giant Germs and Night Assailant as playable fiends now...but that's basically in Tomato/recruiter decks anyways...Hades does have a chance...but not when Zaborg comes in and zaps his arse...I see Skull Archfiend ov Lightning seeing slightly more play as he has 2500 and has 1 out ov 2 chance ov negating targeted effects (INCLUDING ZABORG AND THE LIKE!)...


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Skull Archfiend of Lighting is great against Zaborg, but the life point payment to keep him out can add up fast. I only see Ha Des getting played in side decks for those recruiter builds running around.