Fielder tried to confront Mota in clubhouse


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This is a crazy story. Fielder didnt even look that pissed, more surprised, when it happened but he didnt look that mad.

Prince needs to relax...that's baseball.

Prince Fielder tried to get into the Dodger clubhouse to confront Guillermo Mota after Tuesday's game, but he was stopped by teammates and security.

A very good thing for the Brewers. If Fielder had his way, he'd probably be in for a longer suspension than the one Mota is going to get for drilling him in the ninth inning of the blowout. It was also probably a good thing for Mota. It was less good for L.A. area plastic surgeons, who might have been in line for some extra business.


Sultan of Swat
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If Feilder got his hands on Mota he would be done, lol. But this isn't the first time Mota is involved this type of stuff Millz. Remember when Piazza was waiting for him in the parking lot. Mota is a dirty player, and he'll get his sooner or later.