Fiber Jar Friday, June 16th 2006

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Awwwwwww the good days. When we got our 1st banned list surprisingly this card mist the heat. I guess it was for nothing though seeing how it got banned along side of Mirage Of Nightmare. I guess it was to much of an win condition. That or it was to much of an save your ass condition.

What ever the case this card is broken. There is no real combos whit this expect for regaining control of the game; or gaining a +1 if the effect of this card goes off in your opponents turn. With that said should you run it? YEAH!

Advanced: Banned


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Ahh, the card better know as the reset button. So many times I watched people hold Fiber Jar in hand until they needed to get the flow of the game changed so that they can try to reset the game in their favor.

There was no real combo with this. The only one I could even come up with was this and Watapon. If Watapon was drawn after the shuffle you'd get a field advantage.

I don't see this coming off the banlist, especially when there were reports of 20 or more Fiber Jar flips in some duels.

Traditional: 5 out of 5
Advanced: Forbidden
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