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Sony FF7: Dirge Of Cerberus


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I just got this game yesterday and already I am almost done with it. But I gotta say though, it's awesome! The only thing I don't like though is the aiming system. It can get you killed I tell you! There are so many times I almost wanted to kill my controller when it wasn't even it's fault. But besides that there really isn't much else that is wrong with the game.

So you all tell me about your experiences with game or if you want to talk about it that's fine too^^;


I rented it and got pretty far, but I expected more. I was kinda disapponted. The aiming was crappy... I did the same thing, I almost killed my controller countless times lol. The graphic's looked like PS1 graphics (but the graphics aren't that important). I guess the previews made it look cooler than it really is, so I got mad for that. I guess I'm trying to say they could of made it better.


ah well, i knew not to expect too much, so overall i liked the game, but i dont want to play it again the first year or so


Registered Member
I did like the game, but I was also disappointed with it as well. The story was like how I expected it to be which was good. It's just that the gameplay couldn't make up for it. As much as I wanted to see what happend next the gameplay just made me lose interest in it when I got far. I'd probably play again, but not anytime soon.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
After awhile you get the hang of the aiming system, though there are times when you might slip >.>; To make up for the aiming though atleast they have it where you can slap the hell out of the monsters with your claw and very pointed boot, can you say ouch lol. But still....the melee doesn't do as much damage as the gun does which sucks >.<;