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Fertility Blessing Stone returns -minus- PHALLUS!


Registered Member
Alrighty then, this better be ok NOW with the ebay police... According to their last email, if i avoid any P-words: Penis, Phallus, Phallic, and other references to the *ahem* member that it resembles, my pics were not the problem...well, we shall see i guess. somehow, i'm just not sure i trust 'em anymore :lol:
Please have a peek and if anyone spots something i overlooked--please tell me quick?! TY


item #5578647484


Registered Member
I added it to my watch list, I don't see anything wrong with it.

I still think the pics are funny though, strategic "grass" on there...lol


Registered Member
It's back! I got to see it this time. They pulled it before I could see it before. I don't need it, but I'll be wathing. :)


Registered Member
thanx mom! and precision - you know! -you're only the 2nd person who has even commented on that lil grass plant it's parked in...i really thought that was maybe a little over the top myself... but no... --it's the "P" word!
i can still remember a 5th-grade teacher telling the class not to giggle, because penis and vagina are not dirty words... hmmm...but i guess they are now!!...who knew?


Registered Member
I added you to my watch list as well....There is so many things I want to say...but I will be a good girl.....heheheh
Great listing and I wish you good luck!!!