Ferrari Enzo


Do What Thou Wilt
Is it just me, or is the Ferrari Enzo, the biggest marketing scam ever? Please, think of this for a second.

Every single car made by Ferrari since the Enzo in 2002, has been faster than it around the Maranello track. The F430, the 599, the 458, even the California and the 575, were all faster claimed to go around Maranello faster. Thats bad. Now, I see it as this. Ferrari's idea is that they have a handful of 600,000 dollar cars, and claim they are the best thing they've ever built. Then, every car they make after it, they make just as good, if not better, and sell it cheaper, so they get bigger sales. Its like the Academy Awards. The only thing the Enzo has on any other Ferrari road car is top speed. And thats it