Females Covering Songs Originally Sung By Guys

Discussion in 'Music' started by Mirage, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Mirage

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    Alright the butchering of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Ashley Tisdale made me go look for some other female covers of songs originally sung by guys. I haven't found many that I liked but I know I've heard a few over the years that were decent.

    One that was was alright:

    (As if Rascal Flats need to be covered, but even so it wasn't that bad)

    YouTube - Cascada - What Hurts The Most

    Here's one that was actually better than the original:

    YouTube - Mandy Moore - Only Hope

    (Yeah yeah it's a scene from a major chick flick but it's the only version of this video I could find)

    Some that were horrible:

    Britney Spears: I Love Rock & Roll

    Madonna: American Pie

    Ashley Tisdale: Never Gonna Give You Up

    I can't think of others but I'm sure there are a bunch.

  2. ComicFitz

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    It say's the video no longer available
  3. Mirage

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    The other video had embedding disabled. Fixed.
  4. Iris

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  5. Babe_Ruth

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    I actually hate the Rascal Flats version of the song What hurts the most, but I really like the Cascada version.

    I hated the ones that you mentioned especially American Pie by Madonna, the original is a classic and shouldn't be re-made.

    Sorry Himie, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but that was awful.
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  6. ComicFitz

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    The one with Mandy Moore is from the movie "A Walk To Remember", It's one of those movie that make you sick to your stomach......just awful
  7. Mirage

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    Didn't see my disclaimer? :sick: :D

    I was referring to the song, not the movie.
  8. ComicFitz

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    Well, I'd like to post Celine dion singing "you shook me all night long" by AC/DC, but I haven't mastered that skill yet.
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  9. ysabel

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    Mariah Carey did several (she has the advantage of having a wide vocal range).

    Phil Collin's "Against All Odds"
    Jackson 5 "I'll Be There" --- I prefer the original
    Journey's "Open Arms"
    Badfinger's "Without You" ---- she did this well

    YouTube - Mariah Carey_Without You
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  10. Babe_Ruth

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    The top three that you mentioned are by far better by the originals, especially the I'll Be There by Jackson 5, when I heard the Mariah Carey I was so disapointed, that she would even attempt to re-make that song.

    Same could be said with Against All Odds, and Open Arms. Both are classic songs and shouldn't be re-made.
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