Female viewership is up

According to an article by The New York Post, WWE has begun to attract an increasingly female audience. The article states that college-aged female viewers were up 34%, 25-34 year old viewers were up 13.7% and they are up 23% with women over 50 years old. The article also says that "lust" is a determining factor, because "These guys all look like body-builders instead of just big guys." WWE is also planning an apparel line, new toy lines and other branded products targeted at females to take advantage of this new trend in viewing. The article also mentions that the new "softer WWE PG rating" has helped attract new sponsors like 7-Eleven and Pepsi Max to the company.

WWE COO Donna Goldsmith had the following comments…

"When we were a little more edgy, we lost a lot of women. They weren't as comfortable watching with their kids. But now that we are more family-friendly, it's a perfect reason for them to come back."
Source: IT'S A MA'AM SLAM - New York Post

Lots of things:
o-- College girls watching? Whoa!
o-- "These guys all look like body-builders instead of just big guys." Hmm! Well, lust is playing a part in this for the women. I never really notice the men. Hah - but to be fair I never watched the WWE for the hot ladies, either. I actually enjoy seeing them wrestle and have a story. :eek:
o-- I guess this PG thing is sticking around. Getting more women, the advertisers are getting bigger and the ratings are bound to get better, too. Y'know, I thought about it and I'm coming to grips with these PG stuff, too. It's not bad, it's actually good. I don't mind if it stays like this from now on. =)
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Same here, I enjoy watching grown men beat the crap from their opponents.

Tough I wonder whether a new rating might affect the quality of the action.


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I think a lot of them watch it because of guys like Cena and Orton. They have great looking bodies and their attractive. I am interested to know how many of those actually know a lot about wrestling.
My sister used to watch mainly for Eddie Guerrero. When he passed she was like "WTF? The one wrestle I like and he passed..." *turns off TV* and I believe that was the last time she fully watched wrestling. And, yes, she did have a crush on him.

I guess my hope is kind of given up since I actually thought women would be interested in the stories and drama of pro-wrestling, but instead I find it's a shallow reason: THE HOT BODIES! How dare they perpetrate as us men. ^_^