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Female inmates sterilized without state approval


Free Spirit
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While I don't think a prison system should force you to have a tubal ligation. Its probably not a bad idea if you have 5 or 7 kids, have a drug problem and can't stay out of prison like two of the women mentioned. Your not taking very good care of the kids you already have.

EDIT: I could say the same about men too. Don't be fathering kids you can't or won't take care of. Snip snip.
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Definitely. It's one of those things where I kinda wish it was forced, but I think is terrible to actually force it. Especially to trick people when it's against the law like that.


Problematic Shitlord
Prisoners? In America, being mistreated? Color me surprised.

America's prison system is disgusting and corrupted to the core. Shit like this is thoroughly aggravating but not the least bit surprising. Our system treats all inmates like caged, wild animals and then we act surprised to find out that's exactly how they're being treated.