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PC Games Fellow team fortress 2 players?


Registered Member

Are there any TF2 players to be found on this forum!?

Post here, and let's get chattttttttttttttin'!


Well-Known Member
I play Team Fortress 2 from time to time. But my internet connection is slow and many times it's difficult to play the game because everything lags around.

My favorite is Heavy weapons guy but the scout is my other primary.

I find pyros, medics, and snipers to be pretty wimpy players usually, they're all about camping which I hate.


Registered Member
Engineer, here!

My favourite games are most definitely the rounds when I get set up in a perfect little spot and my turret wipes out 15-20 people in a matter of minutes.

But then it's completely soul destroying when my turret gets taken out a few hundred damage points before unlocking a related achievement...