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Feel Lucky Where You Live?


I am the woolrus
Do you feel lucky when it comes to where you live? Where you grew up? Whether it's friendly locals, beautiful scenery, or awesome things to do, is there anything that makes you really appreciate the area that you come from?

I've lived most of my life in Killarney, Co. Kerry and I've always appreciated it as being a really beautiful place to grow up. I was born in London, and even though i absolutely love London, i'm glad that i grew up here instead. There's may not be as much to do in Killarney, but there's pretty much everything you need! The people are friendly, it's one of the cleanest towns in Ireland, but the thing i love the most about Killarney though is there's a HUGE and really beautiful national park, which was quite the scenic drinking spot when me and my friends were 15-17! :p

I just thought of this thread after my town was nominated in the top 5 of a "Best Place To Live In Ireland" study that was just done by the Irish Times, it was nice to see it nominated! The place i've lived at for college for the past three years was also in the top 5 which was pretty awesome!!

So how about you? Do you feel lucky living where you live now/grew up?


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Yes, I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan which is where the University of Michigan is located. A liberal town and lots of hippy culture, nice downtown, lots to do.

Now I live in an area of lakes and I love the water. It is a small town but we have everything nearby. There is a boating/outdoor recreation culture which suits me just fine.


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Mostly yes, I am grateful where I live. It's the very southwestern tip of the USA right by Mexico, in San Diego, California. The scenery and weather are amazing here. Of course the huge military presence makes it special. Our bays and beaches and ocean are beautiful. The shopping and cultural opportunities ample. My complaints are that we don't have distinct seasons, nor really good mountains for skiing, there's too much traffic, people are rushed and competitive, and it's ridiculously expensive. I don't see myself staying here forever. Yet, I don't know where I'll go next.

I grew up mostly in Utah in 4 different areas. I have good memories of it, and some bad too.


Free Spirit
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I love it where I live, Missouri Ozarks, its secluded enough you could go outside naked and no one would see you. There's a lake and river not too far away and our farm has year round creeks on it. Hardly any crime and most people are friendly, neighborly towards you.

In the winter time the snow sitting on the hills is pretty. I like to get the sled out and go flying down those hills. You can get to going really fast on the hill behind my house.

I've lived in other places St Louis, Little Rock, other farms and they had their good points but I could never wait to get back here.


I live in Geelong, Victoria. It's also where I grew up. It can be a bit of a bogan town sometimes, but I've been here 21 years and I like it. I think it was a great place to grow up, now however I want to leave. Not because I don't like it, but because I'm studying in Melbourne and it would be easier if I lived there while studying.


Sultan of Swat
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Yes, I'm very fortunately where I live. We have a great health care system, barely any crimes in this city(there's still some like every where else). A lot of jobs, even though they've been cutting some positions this year. We have a good bus service. We pretty much have everything we can ask for in my city.


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I live in Buckinghamshire, Milton keynes in England. It is a city but I live on the outskirts of it, so I do not walk right outside and I am near the shops. My local shopping centre is about half an hour away or depends how fast you walk and it is a nice walk. By transport it's about 10-15 minutes. My city has a good amount of clothes shops, restaurants, two cinemas, theatre, snowzone, bowling and nightclubs so it's a good place to socialise with friends and family.
There are areas in Milton Keynes that can be quite rough and dangerous at times but in my neighbourhood we don't have any problems such as crime etc. My neighbourhood is pretty peaceful. Everything is pretty much local such as my schools I went too as I grew up and local shop, parks, dentist, and doctors, train station and bus stops. I love the fact that my job in a hotel is walking distance from my house too so I don't have to worry about getting transport to and from work.
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I am going to base this answer on the state of my home country and where I lived compared to Asian and Middle eastern countries and finalise it on Australia.

I was born during the war so back then it was pretty hard to manage a young family especially a new born and economy wasn't so great and there was always that thoughts of will you be able to survive and all that. My parents were pretty lucky that they had a steady job and they have always worked pretty hard in their life and coming to Australia was in a way, a blessing for their hard work.

I don't know how life is in Serbia because I never got to fully experience it due to the fact that I left when I was pretty young so I never understood the way they survived, how hard they had to work for every cent. Coming to Australia was for me, the best thing that has happened to me and my family. 10 years later, we've got our own house and everything.

Now, compared to other countries in the world in terms of poverty, diseases and corruption, you will never ever find a country better than Australia.

Very lucky to be here, surrounded by amazing people and amazing sceneries.