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Okay you go on ebay you sell a couple of items ... you buy an item or two and everything goes well no problems ... then suddenly weither you leave feedback or not you can't get the other person to do their part and leave feedback for you! UGHHHH why is that is there not something you can do? I had a real problem with some dvd players I purchased (detailed in another post) anyhow I finally got the dvd players and now this stupid jerk won't leave me feedback ... and they were payed for twice, plus in the event I ended up overdrafting my checking account because of the 2-3 day transfer thing in paypal. Not to mention they had the gaul to put in a dispute saying I didn't pay ... You would think the least they could do is leave me some feedback... right? Tell me there is something I can do like dispute that fact geez....


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There's nothing you can really do about it.. If you email them asking you to leave feedback they could turn around & leave you a neg just to be a jerk..
I've had soooo many not leave me feedback. It's a pain I know :(


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I"m not scared of a negative. I only give those that deserve a neg a neg, and if they retaliate, I know they end up looking like jerks (I also respond to their negs in my feedback explaining). If someone is over 97% positive, I have no issues with buying from them. If it's 92% - 96%, I make sure to read what the negs are, and if they are recent.

Personally, I say leave it, knowing that you will get a neg in return. I just look at it as another opportunity to make him/her look the idiot.

My negs are not scars, but badges of honor.


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Ebay won't do anything about it.
Feedback is freedom of speech, so if you want to leave them a negative feedback, by all means do so, but be forewarned that they will probably do the same.


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Feedback is voluntary. Neither buyer nor seller is required to leave feedback. 40% of my buyers, more or less (400 or so transactions and 246 feedbacks left) never left me feedback. bugging somebody about leaving you feedback may very well get you a negative.

Personally, I think the current feedback system sucks but so far nobody at eBay has ever called to ask me my opinion. LOL


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See I think that sucks I mean your reputation is based upon feedback ... yet if your not a powerseller , but say someone like me who sales occassionally and who buys occassionally then when you don't receive feedback it really hurts you. It's like why don't ppl want to be fair about it! And has anyone ever noticed how some ppl seem to hold your feedback hostage just to see what you do?


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From a sellers standpoint, its fool hardy to leave feedback first. I learned my lesson the hard way. FWITW,
I always leave feedback. I rarely sell anymore but when I do my auction clearly states in the TOS that feedback will be left at the end of the transaction. The transaction has ended when you have received your item, any and all issues have been resolved and you are completely satisfied.
Right or wrong, that's the way I do'er
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My 2 cent:
I think we should all sell or buy not depending on the "feedback" because they know that it affect our rep., so they will do that. Therefore hold your feedback, until they leave feedback first........ and that can go on and on and on....

Ebay should have a page where users can not access certain area UNTIL they leave there feedback, that way it's a MUST.

What do you think?
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