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Feedback Changes Coming


Registered Member
Those are good changes but there is still much more needed to be done. But at least they are working on it. :)


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Right on....If I read that right.....when I got my neg feedback she lied about the clothes in a e-mail to me...said they were not true to size...although labeled large....so I said ok Send the clothes back to me and I will give you your money back..less shipping....2 MONTHS later I get neg feedback from her and what she said was horrible....sooooooooo if this was in effect then...she would of had to try to resolve it before giving me my one and only neg feedback...to this day I would have 100% if it was not for her....


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I think that is great!! Its about darn time they fix this system!!


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I think for me the biggest one I was happy to see on there was about when you file a NPB on a buyer & they try to leave you a neg that it will become a neutral. The comment will still be there (that don't reallly bother me since I can reply/follow-up)...but since it will become a neutral it won't affect the FB score. I've seen too many times where a new person gets a NPB & the seller leaves them a neg so they in turn leave the seller a neg. Cuz they're new they have nothing to lose cuz they never had the great FB record in the first place, so they'll leave a neg for the seller...when they didn't pay. Yeah...I'm glad to see that one changing.


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maybe it almost better to open up a new acct and delete the old and start off fresh..............