Federal Minimum Wage Increased



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Anyway there it is, minimum wage went up. Doesn't matter much to me as Michigan moved up to 7.25 this year anyway and I was making over minimum wage anyway, shitty thing is my wages didn't move up either. I worked with a lady at K-Mart that happened too she had been with the company for like 10 years when they bumped the wages up to 5.12, which she was making after 10 years of service, she didn't get a pay bump either.

And that was a tanget, now discuss you crazy kids, discuss.
Minimum wage. I am happy for it being up and all but the thing about it is with the cost of living going up with the minimum wage, what good does that do for people?

They are getting paid a little bit more to pay out a lot more in the end and no one cares how badly people are struggling to make ends meet.


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I'm not sure if you're trying to suggest that the standard of living will rise as a result of the increase in minimum wage, or if you're just mentioning that it is rising in general. If the former, then the amount of the increase in minimum wage will more then make-up for whatever correspondent hike in the cost of living comes with it (for people being payed more as a result of it). Companies don't price goods at the minimum amount that they can afford to and still make a profit. Rather, they will generally price goods at whatever price makes the most profit for them. It doesn't make sense then to hike up the cost of a product in response to an increase in costs to pay employees, given that the increase in price will also result in less people purchasing your goods, and an overall decrease in profit.
I just meant the rise in general.. and I am not talking about the products that we buy in stores I am talking about our housing, cars, gas, etc.

And yes I am happy that its rising again but here where I stay. I would not be able to survive off minimum wage. Hell I can't live off what I make now and Im at 10/hr. But it may be harder for me because I am a single woman and I have not other support coming in except for what I make. Hell around here. I cannot live off what I make. My yearly salary is too high so the cheapest apartment I would be about 700/month. Plus my car note 200 and insurance is 100. My phone is about 70 and then electricity for the apartment. Possible water bill (sometimes its included)

Hell with all that considered I would have to pull in aboout 20 extra hours a week in order to make sure my gas and food is paid for. So for someone here at least 2 adults are needed to keep them in an apartment, but I may be too pessimistic for my own good right now.

And don't tell me that I need to get a college education. I am doing that right now... I have a year left and heck if I am lucking I will be getting over 25/hr so that will be a little better. But now it would be virtually impossible for me to survive.

How anyone else can do it on their own(I mean having only one working adult in the house) is beyond my reckoning.
Meh, the pay raise doesn't effect me any, but good for those that get the raise. Does this mean we can stop paying gawd awful prices for American cars that aren't worth the plastic they're moulded in and break down after 2-4 years, and pay less for gas with the 10% ethenol additives that totally raped my cars engine? (Yeah yeah, I know that isn't going to happen, like, ever. Just wishfull thinking)


I'm getting by decently on 8.75 an hour.
Although I do a hell of alot of ignoring debt, so I don't figgure debt into my cost of living.

I share rent with my girlfriend so I pay 235 a month for that (my half) and about 125 a month for car insurance (which since my car broke down I cancelled that) and I have to spend about 40-50 bucks a month on food.

But I realize other people have other bills and whatnot, so how I'm doing doesn't necassarily reflect everyone else.

I will say if we were to increase minimum up to 15 an hour, well it's going to cost more to employee people, quite a bit more, so one could argue that the price of goods and services will increase after awhile and all of a suddent that 15 isn't so awesome anymore.


To be honest, I am not a big fan of minimum wages although I certainly make less than minimum wage according to a few states. I think that labor markets are not perfectly inelastic, and that this will cause for a higher unemployment rate that typically tends to hurt those who are closer to the bottom. Not only that but I don't think that most minimum wage workers actually need the minimum wage, the last statistics I have heard(if I remember correctly) stated that 80% of all minimum wage workers are above poverty with 70% being 1.5 times above poverty level. This doesn't mean that a good economic case cannot be made for minimum wages, but more targeted programs can likely do better and the notion of a living wage tends to be driven strongly by emotions and taking a selected few studies to the max while ignoring other studies on minimum wage legislation.


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Minimum wage is a terrible idea. The government has no business interfering in the contractual agreements of individuals.

Paying a high minimum wage is the excuse big business uses to hire illegal aliens who will work off the books at less that minimum wage, and the government actually buys into that argument and justifies keeping our borders open because of it.

Los Angeles County has a minimum wage that just went up to $8.00 an hour. LA City has a min wage of $10.00 an hour. Here is how it works. This actually happened.

A woman came in to apply for a job cleaning the shop, mopping floors and cleaning cages. I hired her at minimum wage of $7.25. an hour part time. She called and said that she took a job for the same wage but full time. In the meantime, LA passed it's minimum wage of $8.00 an hour. The woman called me and said that when the min wage was raised, the previous job offer was withdrawn because it wasn't worth it to them to pay $8.00 an hour. Could she start working at my shop. I told her that it wasn't worth it to me either. She ended up as unemployed as ever.

When the minimum wage is raised, labor is like any other commodity, the rise is passed along to the consumer. Laborers are consumers like everyone else. Whatever benefit gained from a raise in wages is quickly eliminated by rising prices.

Of course there are those who think the minimum wage should be $15.00 an hour, except that there won't be jobs available at that rate of pay. The costs of goods and services would rise far and above the unemployed's ability to survive.

Business will solve its financial problems to avoid the damage by hiring off the books for less than minimum wage, incidentally not paying taxes for under the table labor either. Or, they will hire a service. Instead of paying someone $10.00 an hour for four hours work, five days a week they'll pay $150.00 a MONTH to a service who will have a three person crew come in and do the job in an hour.