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Federal Judge strikes down Obama's EO on immigration


Embrace the Suck
Texas Judge Temporarily Stalls Obama's Executive Actions on Immigration - US News

The ruling doesn't surprise me, I found it to be unconstitutional.

I disagree with this:

Patrick Brennan at National Review also cautioned those who oppose Obama's actions to rein in their excitement over the ruling. For one, the Fifth Circuit, which includes Texas, will likely stay Hanen’s stay, allowing the program to move forward for now. Second, Hanen has “a record of hawkish immigration opinions,” noted Brennan, which suggests his opinion is in the minority. And third is the issue of standing. “Whether states even have the right to challenge the president’s action isn’t entirely clear, partly because immigration enforcement is almost exclusively a federal domain,” wrote Brennan.
The 5th Circuit will most likely uphold this ruling. Hanen may be, that still doesn't change it's constitutionality. Lastly, it's almost exclusively a Congressional issue, thus the ruling.



Ed Kilgore at Washington Monthly dismissed entirely the possibility that Hanen’s ruling would seriously delay implementation of Obama’s immigration policies, saying it is likely to be nothing more than “a footnote” in history. “What Judge Hanen’s action shows is that in this vast land an industrious venue-shopping lawyer can find at least one federal judge willing to do just about anything,” Kilgore wrote.
Cute, but shows a clear ignorance of how the works. I've never heard of the Washington Monthly, and if this is indicative of their idea of "journalism" I shouldn't be surprised.
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Free Spirit
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I hope this ruling stands. Obama should have never taken it upon himself to sign this executive action. I think most Americans are against it.

Immigrant rights activists are saying this judge has a bias against immigrants. No he has a bias against illegal actions of a president and illegally entering this country and not being arrested for it. We need someone in office that will actually try to protect our border and support our border agents instead of opening the floodgates.

Who is the Texas judge obstructing Obama’s immigration plan?