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A lot of people told me I have nice eyes because they are round and green.

What do you believe is your best feature? Why?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
My best feature is my overwhelming ability to piss everyone off by doing nothing but being myself. It's awesome. All I have to do is tell the truth in a calm, logical way and people lose their shit.


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I have no best physical feature. Maybe my hair, but that's it.


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I've been told that I have nice eyes. They're a really deep blue color. "intense" is a word I've heard used more than once. I suppose that's true. I don't think they're quite on the level of Frodo Baggins but it's nice to know I have nice eyes. :)

I've also received comments about my calves and soft hair (trust me, it's just best if we don't ask and make no assumptions here :lol:)


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I have been told I have nice eyes, so I guess I will go with that.


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I have a had a few people tell me they like my hair, in fact I have on more than one occasion had my hair braided, plaited and all other kinds of things done while sitting in the pub.
I have also been told I have a nice smile,and that I don't smile anywhere near enough.


Free Spirit
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I've been told I have pretty eyes by a few different people and smile too.


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Apparently I have a nice smile, and also pretty eyes which are a combination of blue and green, but I think a weird blue/green :lol:


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I got to admit this is a pretty tough one. But if it be ok I am landing on 2 of them. One is while sometimes I want to give up on something or I have felt down and depressed. If I take enough time thinking about things I am known to try again at something or just being persistent if there is an obstacle to work with. Please don't think this is an automatic way of being this way. It really does take a lot of thinking and trying to let some mistakes not prevent me from coming up with other plans.

Some people say I just can’t . I always trying to think of a number of possibilities how something may be done even if I need to write to someone or have to call on the phone. And that is also because I am very inquisitive asking questions wondering about things. . and it is a part of my personality that seems to help to keep me going. If I did not want to wonder then I probably would not want to try as much.

Secondly while I may snap at things too quickly at home at times I am still known as a really forgiving person. . Anna has seen me forgiven my friends over and over again. She wonders why I keep giving too many chances. Because it is me not wanting to give up on someone as not giving up on something.

However recently I have a long time friend that met a guy and got married. However I try to reason with her now she only wants to agree with this spouse all the time. . Therefore I am letting go of this long time friend as long as her spouse has say in everything she thinks, says and does.

Really I am just in conflict with her husband. He who seems to always want to be on the center stage. . I think if this spouse had not shown up then me and this friend would still be writing today. Other wise in general and unless people don't want me around anymore as this friend did then I am usually a writing back and forth to my friends.