Fear of heights


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Anyone here have a current fear of heights or used to? If you used to, how did you overcome the fear? I only ask because I would really like to snow board, and I have a board, but I'm scared shit less about going up the lifts.


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I don't mind the height really now, I've gotten over the fear. Got used to it while surfing and skateboarding. It helped when I was on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, ain't scared now.


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I still have fear of heights, but it really depends. If I was walking on a rope 20 feet higher from the ground, I will piss myself in my pants (mind you, that was just a metaphor :p). If I have much more support than just the rope such as the rollercoasters and mountains, then I wouldn't as scared. That is two different circumstances and my lack of balance has something to do with it, I think. I also think my fear of heights correlates with my fear of falling more than 5 feet from my experience.

If you really want to overcome your fear, you need to take over your fear and maybe have some support from your family & friends.
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Im not trying to be a smart ass right now.

I think that you should bungee jump.

Parashoot (spelling)

do somthing thats super extreme that has to do with hights

thats how i got over my fear of rolercoasters. i went on tatzu (spelling? again...) and now i love them


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Yeah, the only way to get rid of a fear is to attack it head-on. Rock climbing would be a good option (I'd recommend learning at an indoor climbing gym) since you'd be roped up and there's no danger. Bungie jumping is a little more extreme, but also more dangerous and more expensive.
I'm scared to death of heights. I doubt that I will ever get over the phobia, but I can get over it for a specific high points. If I have to deal with a certain high point over and over, it stops bugging me, but I have to re-do this for every single flight of steps, bridge, balcony...

I went backpacking recently, and I almost had a panic attack going down the side of a mountain...

So, repetition is the only thing that I can think of. Gritting your teeth and doing it the first few times, and you should be able to do it again.



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I can't get much higher than my roof unless I'm fairly secured. If its a really tall ladder, or climbing a fence that is too tall I have problems and get shaky.

My dabbles in rock climbing have helped, too, since I don't use ropes.


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It all depends on how awake I am and how strong I feel at the moment, I would not have done very well climbing the stair case up to Cirith Ungol in The Return of the king.


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I've gotten over my fear. I'm sure how, but it doesn't really bother me anymore. I wouldn't purposely put myself at high places, but everything seems fine now.

If you're extremely afraid, they have psychological therapies for this kind of stuff. It's really cool. It's like they rewire your brain.


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the psychological therapy and stuff just messes with your brain and suddenly the staircase in your house looks like it's a couple miles down, it's cool how they do it.