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Fear of flying?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Well as some of you may know I'm leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow and I'm flying down.

I was wondering if there were any members here that hate flying and don't want anything to do with it?

I have a few friends that refuse to get on a plane, personally I don't mind it at all. The only time I'll get a bit nervous is when the plane takes off, and maybe when it lands. Other then that I'm fine.


Wanna play?
The only time I'll get a bit nervous is when the plane takes off, and maybe when it lands. Other then that I'm fine.
I'm just the opposite. Taking off and landing are my favorite parts of flying. I love that little rush as the plane heads for the sky and I always make a little bet with myself as far as the smoothness of the landing.


yellow 4!
I love flying, but I'm kind of scared of it at the same time. I've watched waaaay too many crash investigations on TV for my own good, I guess. The first 20 minutes is probably the most tense part for me. I get real nervous with just the slightest turbulance but I've never told anyone that I fly with, mainly because it's easier to stay calm if I'm forced to look calm. :lol:

But yeah, I still like it a lot. I dunno, I'm weird. Hm!


Registered Member
yep, I HATE it with a passion. I white-nuckle the entire time or if it's an afternoon / evening flight I have a few drinks before bording the plane so I can passout in my seat.
...The last time I flew, someone suggested I try Xanax, so I went to the Doctors, got a perscription, took one or two before I borded the plane and nothing!. . .IT DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR ME!!!:shifteyes:


Sally Twit
I've not been on a plane for more than one hour so it's hard to say. Maybe if I go on a long flight I'll find I do have a phobia of flying.
My dad is very scared of flying. That's why we never went anywhere on a plane when I was younger.


Epic Gamer
I've only been on a plane twice, to and from Spain. Before I got on I was kinda nervous; since I have an intense fear of heights, I figured that flying would be even worse, but it was completely in reverse - I loved every minute of it and made sure I had the window seat both times. The first time we took off I only took the window seat to sort of see if I would be scared, but it was actually really exciting. I loved flying. Watching the plane pick up speed is really fun.

The best part of it was when we were high above the clouds, and for miles and miles there was nothing but clouds. I can't really describe it, but it was really beautiful, like nothing I've ever seen before.


Son of Liberty
I sincerely HATE flying and like Dragon, turbulence makes me very nervous. I'll avoid flying as much as possible.


I'm serious
I LOVE flying. Take off and landing are the best parts for me on short haul flights, but for longer flights, I do enjoy the turbulences. I know this sounds like I'm a freak, but without turbulence I find a long flight extremely boring. I am also terrified of heights, like Chaos, but then I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie, so maybe the rush of it all is what I love about it!

Strange coincidence that the ad at the bottom of this page is for Cape Flying Services!!! :)


I like to fly. Can't deny there were moments when I used to fear it especially when there were turbulence.
Fear is everywhere, even when walking ... so I don't think much about it when I'm on the plane.