FC Special Debate Judge Panel Discussion



Who is interested in being on the judging panel? This will probably be decided upon by mods after hearing people's thoughts through this thread on candidates.

It would be good to have 8 people on the list, then use 5 of them for each debate (which gives wiggle room for people choosing to be in a debate, or RL scedule not permitting).

- Good English Comprehension
- Understand the principles, methodology and rules of debate
- Trusted to fulfill the role and remain impartial on the subject matter

For people who wish to be in the panel, say so in this thread.

For people who do not wish to be in the panel: If you object or endorse a person, say so and why. be as elaborate as possible, perhaps even linking to the discussion material that demonstrates the problem.

I wish to be on the FC Special Debate Judging Panel.



Resident Ass-Kisser
I'd like to be on the panel.

I read quite well and type accordingly if I am not in a hurry. I regularly read scientific non-fiction (Dawkins, Darwin, Hawking, etc) so I am no stranger to deciphering ideas in context from complex arguments.

I studied Philosophy for a semester while in college and spent a good part of my time in that course teaching the class the principles of logic and logical fallacies when my professor struggled to get the points across. I have also reviewed many formal debates at www.iidb.org and understand not only the rules but also the customs of a traditional debate.

As a hobby, I've been debating online for years and have had my mind swayed on quite a few topics (Relativity, Gun Control, Strong vs. Weak Atheism, among others), so I'm willing and able to view an argument for what it is without letting my biases get in the way. The way I see it, if I'm wrong and someone proves I'm wrong, it is a very simple thing to do to change my mind so that next time, I'll be right. I am not ashamed of being wrong.

And that is why I believe I should be your next President of the Unite-uh... *cough!* member of your judging panel. *ahem...*


For a Free Scotland
I'd like to join the panel as well.

I'll have to learn a bit more about formal debate to be optimal, but I believe I fill the other two prerequisites. I have extensive experience in geopolitics, current events, and government issues. I have read quite a bit of Chinese classics, as well as large portions of various holy texts.

I don't debate formally, but for me life is a debate. I believe I can be impartial and factual, and not let emotions or preferences interfere with my duties.
I'd like to join the panel. I was the Mature Discussion moderator way back when.

I have four years of competitive scholastic debate experience. I actually went to nationals this year and placed 12th. (Pretty proud of that one) I also have judging experience; I've judged competitive debate for about two years now; including final rounds. I judge purely on the ability to debate, and refutation. I'm a fan of the whole "Silence is concession" belief. If a point isn't touched it's yielded.

All in all it's who brings all the cards to the table and convinces me the most. In other words; who debates the best :).


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Why do you all feel that you need to approach this as if you're submitting a resume. We know what you're able to bring to the table from your previous participation on this forum. It's my opinion that all of you that have expanded that you'd like to be a part of the panel are aptly qualified, not from your laurels, but from your character.