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FBI Takes Aim At Wikipedia


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According to BBC, the United States FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is demanding Wikipedia to remove the FBI's logo from it's Wiki entry page. The FBI is saying that the reproduction of the Seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is unlawful and that, "Whoever possesses any insignia...or any colourable imitation thereof..shall be fined...or imprisoned... or both,". Wikipedia lawyers stand their ground and refuse to take down the logo having said that, "The seal is in no way evidence of any 'intent to deceive', nor is it an 'assertion of authority', recognisable or otherwise,".

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I see the concern by the FBI, providing such high resolution photos of the seal makes it very accessible to anyone trying to forge documents; however, it's not like this is the first time it has shown up on the internet. For some reason the FBI is taking a specific interest in bullying Wiki. Should it go to court the FBI will certainly lose with Wiki having done no real wrong...


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Hybrix, you better phone your lawyers.:paperbag: