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Baseball FBI investigating Cardinals for hacking


4 legs good 2 legs bad

The St. Louis Cardinals are being investigated by the FBI for allegedly hacking into networks and trying to steal information about the Houston Astros, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Major League Baseball, the Cardinals and Astros all issued statements Tuesday saying they have cooperated fully with the investigation, which started last year after some information was posted anonymously online.

According to ESPN legal analyst Lester Munson, the federal investigation is close to a conclusion.

The Times reported Tuesday that the FBI and Justice Department officials have evidence that Cardinals officials -- who were not identified -- allegedly tapped into the Astros' database and had access to statistics, scouting reports and internal discussions about players, trades and other proprietary information.
I'm curious to hear what Millz thinks of this since he's a diehard Cardinals fan. I don't follow baseball much anymore, but this only strengthens my belief that every team in every sport will break the rules if it gives them a competitive advantage.


Free Spirit
Staff member
The Watergate of baseball. I bet they kept telling themselves no one would find out.

There's probably corruption in most sports.



I love that it was the Cardinals. Haha.

Like they say... if you're not cheatin', you're not tryin.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I have a ton to say on the subject haha...so here goes...

I was a member of the St Louis Cardinals Front Office for 7 years...I know must of the people who still work there and there's a good chance I know the person or persons who did this. What happened was really fucking stupid though. Unlike the Patriots, the Cardinals weren't cheating. They were trying to shame a former employee in Jeff Lunhow...a guy who I've met, I've interviewed with, and who I hold in a very high regard. Whomever hacked Lunhow actually posted what they found out on a hackers website. Either this is the stupidest person of all time or they didn't think it was a big deal...or...or I dunno. But they didn't even try to hide what they did. It was public knowledge. They flaunted it.

What will make or break this situation is if our GM or President knew what was going on and okay'ed it. If it was a rouge employee who was pissed Lunhow left, or pissed he left and he didn't take them with him, that's a whoooollleee lot different.

Regardless of who knew what, the law was broken and the Cardinals will forever be looked down upon by rivals. We were already the most hated team in the NL...I say embrace the hate. Bring it on. We didn't gain a damn thing by doing this...it was pointless...that's what bothers me.

I was asked by someone at work today if I was surprised to hear this happened. For the most part, yes, I am, but there were a lot of shady people who worked there. I know its sickening to think about but part of me laughed when this story came out. A lot of people who work there don't deserve that job and are terrible people. Sorry, its true. I might also still be bitter they fired me hahaha

Anyway, book over. Fucking idiot Cardinals. (You'll notice that unlike Patriot fans, I am not hiding the fact we did something wrong. Ask a NE fan about Brady and Belicheat and they don't react the same way )


Registered Member
Cardinals fired their director of scouting today after he admitted he was behind the hacking of the Astros' scouting database.

I don't think anyone will be shocked by that tidbit of news but kudos to the Cards for acting rather quickly on the matter.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
This guy being involved is higher up the pay scale than I wanted to hear about. I dunno what will come of this now.

I've definitely met him before but never spoke with him. Not sure what kinda guy he is.