Faye or Julia?


Ms. Malone
Who do you think is the better looking of the Cowboy Bebop girls, Faye or Julia?

I think Faye is the better looking one, Julia has that weird long face and small eyes; Faye has curves and beautiful eyes ^_^


Aw, Here It Goes!
Who doesnt love a blonde? Faye's sexy but maybe its the way she dresses, if Julia dress like that it wouldnt be hard to pick. But I still say Julia even though she dresses more conservatively than Faye.


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I would say Faye. Basically for the same reasons you stated Pugz, Julia had an obnoxiously long face, small eyes and the way she dressed didn't help. I do agree though Fresh, Faye dressed like a whore. Gets some jeans and a t-shirt on that girl.


Ms. Malone
Faye's not a whore, she's gorgeous and she knows it; plus her looks would distact bounty heads long enough for her to nab them!

Brilliant tactic if i do say so myself!