Favre: I won't make my decision for 'a month'


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he just needs to retire and be remembered as the great player he was. If he keeps this charade up I have a feeling he'll end up being one of those players that gets remembered as "not knowing when he was done".

He said last season that he didnt wanna play unless he was playing at his best....now I could be wrorng but Im about 90% sure hes had much better seasons than this last one.


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Next month - "I'm retiring"
30 days later - "Well on second thought, maybe I'll play"
30 days after this - "No I think I'm done"
yet another 30 days after this - "On the other hand..........."

And then somewhere around June - "You know what, I'll play"

The best statistical quarterback ever is also the Ross Perot of the game.


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FOX Sports on MSN - NFL - Favre: I won't make my decision for 'a month'

Here we go again, Favre is still debating if he's going to retire or not. Lets hope this saga wont be as long as last year, and if he retires hopefully he'll remain retired.
Brett, loved his style, his fire the ultimate competitor.................but, it's now time to pack up and leave. I was against him coming back last year, retires and then causes a big stir on his team, the Packers, liked a spoiled brat, I want back in.

Something about athletes, they think they never get old, they always have one more fight in them, one more game. At times with the Jets he looked like the old, or should I say young Brett. But then age showed, passing over and under receivers.
Larry Holmes, Sugar Ray Leonard, how many time did they retire and come back and look terrible, what a way to go out. You only have so many fights in you, so many games.
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I hope he gets hit by a bus.

I got sick of this guy a lot earlier last preseason with all his whining about what he wants to do. The guy needs to just leave. His teammates weren't too thrilled with him this year and now he's just going to tease the media for another 4 months.

And the worst part is, ESPN is going to eat every little bit of it up.


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The funny thing is that had they won their last 2 games and won 1 in the playoffs, ESPN would be all in his strap about how he turned around a 4-12 team, instead he throws a few picks (like we should be surprised that happened) and Magenius gets fired and shipped off to the Browns. The difference 2-3 wins make in the league. NFL is just a what have you done for me last Sunday league. The most incredible thing to me about Favre is his consecutive win streak, I think he should play until that he breaks it just to seal it away because no other QB will ever catch him there. He may not have another 16 game season left in him but he is a better starter at his age then some of these journeymen bumbs around the league who hold their teams chances hostage.