Favre denies wanting to be traded

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Fresh, May 14, 2007.

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    I would be mad to if Green Bay didn't want to give a fourth round pick for Randy Moss then thats stupid, Favre as been wanting a good proven Wide Receiver for quite some time now, and he had the chance to get one of the games best, but they didn't and now he's unhappy and he has the right to demand a trade, even if he played with them all his life. He has done a lot for this franchise why can't they get a few things he wants.
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    As a Packer fan, regardless of what Brett wanted, I'm thanking God that Moss won't be wearing green and gold. He's an extremely talented individual athlete, but football is a sport where teamwork is a prerequisite to success and Moss is a locker room cancer. Mark my words, aquiring him is going to bring the Patriots down, not up.
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    Well there's only way to find out if your theory is true or not, but I believe it's false, playing for an organization like the Patriots one will change Moss a lot, especially that he doesn't care for stats anymore he wants to win a super bowl, and he knows this is his best chance yet, so he'll control himself and do everything he can to win that Super Bowl.

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