Favre commits football treason?


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Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Brett Favre called the Detroit Lions earlier this year to give them a scouting report on his old team, the Green Bay Packers. Writes Glazer:

Several sources have told FOX Sports that Favre earlier this year phoned the Detroit Lions prior to their battle versus Favre's old team, the Green Bay Packers, and gave them a rundown of the nuances of what Green Bay does on offense. According to the sources, Favre actually spent over an hour on the phone with Lions coaches, who were connected with Favre by then-team president Matt Millen.

Favre has allegedly done this with a number of teams, but his chat with the Lions was more in-depth than any other, reports Glazer. Despite the Favrian tips, Detroit still lost that week 2 matchup, 48-25.
Source: Report: Favre commits football treason, shares Packers' plans - Shutdown Co... - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

This actually doesn't surprise me. No matter what Favre says he was pretty upset/pissed about the Packers not taking him back.

It isn't like his info helped the Lions though...


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I'm just curious...

I dont see the big deal, couldnt the lions coaches have studied video footage of the Packers Offense? I mean all they'd have to do is watch their games on TV. Pro football organizations obviously have enough cash flow to pay a few football know it alls to sit in front of a TV and analyze opposing teams. So is this only a big deal because Favre was involved or something?


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It's different though Goat. There's so much you can study from tapes and such, Favre has the inside track, he knows most of the plays, offensive and defensive. I think he should get fine for this in my opinion, because it is cheating.


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So how do you feel about Mike Martz in San Francisco? He was the offensive coordinator from Detroit in 07-08, the same year that Kitna was big throwing over 4,000 yards and 18 td's. He's in San Francisco now... do you think he's gonna stray from the scheme that worked in Detroit? Even still... do you think he stops from chatting it up with the SF Defensive Coordinators when D-Town played SF this season? (which by the way was a 31-13 win for SF....)

Ok now this may be blasphemy in some peoples eyes for me to say this but big friggin deal, lets be 100% honest here. There are roughly 3 basic plays a football team will run; Up the gut, to the sides, or through the air. Given there are smaller intricacies involved within the schemes (block patters, WR routes, deceptions, etc etc) but boiled down in a nut shell and back to the basics, thats what any and all coordinators rely on.

So knowing that, what exact edge can Favre give another team that would make him deserving of a Fine? I mean really... is he giving them the exact order in which these plays will be inacted on the field thus providing a prime defensive matchup? If thats the case then I blame the playcalling in general over in Green Bay for being so ill-prepared.

Biggest thing here, Did the advice really make a difference? No. The lions still lost even with the Favre advice. So to me this is really a non-issue and just someone looking to smear Favre in the news.
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Screw it, ban his ass from the NFL for being a crybaby, a whiner, and a plain dishonest fuckstick. If I was a Packers fan, this would feel like a kick to the nuts, I'd be disappointed and angry that a guy I idealized for years turned out to be nothing more than a six year old who puts mud in daddy's coffee because he didn't get a toy at the toy store.