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Favourite villain


The return shall be legenday!
Did a Favourite Superhero thread and King Patrick Star suggested that I do a favourite villain thread..so there it is. Who's your favourite villain and why?
I have a few.

Joker, because he’s just a funny psycho.
Lex Luthor, because of the same reasons why I like Mr. Wayne and Mr. Stark, lots of “toys” and and lots of money.
Two-Face, because of his style. I always wanted suits like his, especially the black and white one.
Mandarin, because of the rings. I like to consider myself the Mandarin of Belts. HAHA!!


Registered Member
The Joker and Bane are my favorite movie villians.

In general:
Thanos of Titan (I always admired how driven he is)
The Joker
The Hood
Norman Osborn (The one that ran HAMMER/Iron Patriot)
The Black Lanterns


The return shall be legenday!
Mine is The Joker. The way Jack Nicholson and especially Heath Ledger portrayed the character in the movies made me fell in love with the role. Bane is a very close second as I'm a huge mark for Tom Hardy.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Joker is probably my number one. No care in the world, doesn't have any special powers, just hates the Batman.

I'd say Carnage and Venom are a close second. I always rooted for them when they fought spider-man.


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The Joker, for sure. The Joker is the purest villains of them all. He has no agenda, he is looking for no reward or gain. All he wants is chaos. He doesn't rob a bank for the money, he robs a bank to create chaos. You can not negotiate with someone that wants nothing...

Next up is ... Little Finger. The cleverest mother fucker there ever was. He's done so much... with so little... and not a single person is the wiser.