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#2 New Zealander
Fairly obvious question, what is your favourite style of wrestling to watch?

Mine is fairly obvious, Technical wrestling. Ill be really shocked if that's a surprise to anyone.:D


Sultan of Swat
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Personally I like all of them put together, I love when a wrestler as all those skills, that's why I believe Bret Hart was the best of all time, he might not be a huge powerhouse but he was still pretty strong. He wasn't a high flyer either, but he did go on top ropes every matches. So I like all of them put to one.


I am the woolrus
i agree that having all of them put together is of course the best, like Bret Hart. But out of these selections, i'm gonna have to go with hardcore. I've always loved and had huge respect for legends like Mick Foley, Al Snow, Steve Blackman and Terry Funk. Most of whom never got anywhere near the recognition that they deserved.


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I picked "no set preference."

In all honesty I dont prefer one style over another. Some things work for some people whereas other styles work for others. I dont hate certain aspects of wrestling over another.

I like high flier, I like technical masterpieces, a like hardcore, and I like power. I like a variety. If everybody was the same that would be boring to me.