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TV Favourite Simpsons Character


aka ginger warlock
The Simpsons for me has produced some of the greatest characters in TV History, pretty much anyone I think could say at least one that they love or enjoy being in an episode for whatever, for me mine would be:

Sideshow Bob
Monty Burns
Snake Jailbird
Lionel Hutz

There are more but none that really stick out as much, who would make your list?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's a really tough to answer. The easy answer for me would be Homer, because he's the main character of the show, and he's had some great moments, but I don't think it would be him.

But, I believe I have to go with Duffman. I know, he's not a main character, but when he does make an appearance he's hilarious. He has some great one-liners in the show.


Registered Member
I've always thought that the key to good comedy is having a character in the cast who is balanced and level headed than anyone else. I usually identify with that kind of character because in essence they're the most "normal" of the lot, and the fact that they're there trying to cope with the madness going on around them makes that madness seem even more absurd than it already is.

So, in short, the presence of such a character makes things funnier. For me, Lisa Simpson fills that role. She's a relatively normal girl trapped in a world of crazies. I do feel sorry for her sometimes! :D


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I like Hans Moleman, haha. I always thought he was hilarious. I am not going to call him my favorite character though because he's just not on the episodes enough.

Homer Simpson is an easy answer too but I'll go with a secondary character who is on most shows or a high proportion of shows and that's Ralph Wiggum.

"When I grow up I either wanna be a principal...or a caterpillar."

He's so ridiculous that he's awesome...so funny.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Haha I've got love for Hans Moleman and a lot of others, but if I'm picking one it's easily Homer. His moments in the show are always the funniest, and his quotes are the ones that live on the longest with me.


He was only in one episode but when I think of Simpsons I think of that episode.

Hank Scorpio.


yellow 4!
Yeah, I'd have to go with good old Homer too. It seems too obvious to say him, but I can't think of any other characters that I find funnier than him. I like Ned too for some reason. Well, not so much a matter of liking him, more just thinking he's a good character.


Sally Twit
Homer is the only reason I used to watch it. When he stopped making me laugh I stopped watching.
Do they still do Halloween episodes? They were awesome.


I ♥ Haters
As much as I love Homer, I think my favorite character is and always will be, Lisa Simpson. I have a lot in common with her and she's easily the most relate-able character on the show for me.

Honorable mentions - Moe Syzlak and Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. Both those characters instantly put me in a good mood.

Also, they still do the Halloween episodes, Bliss. Although, they're nowhere near as funny as they used to be.


10 or so years ago, when the show didn't suck, Groundskeeper Willie was my favorite character. Outside of Homer, he made me laugh the most.