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Favourite show on the Network?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
There are a lot of great shows on the WWE Network, which one is your favourite?

For me, hands down it's Table for Three. Yes, many old-school wrestlers are probably turning in their graves because of kayfabe, but I just enjoy listening to wrestlers stories from being on the road, or how they enjoyed facing each other, and whatnot. You get an idea of how they really appreciate the business and how they put their body on the line for it. In addition, there are a lot of funny stories to be shared. I really hope they continue on with this show.


Registered Member
2 of my fav shows on Network is Table For 3 & 24 specials. Love hearing stories of guys telling stories breaking kayfabe on Table For 3 which I like cause fans now don't want guys to be in character mode which is a turn off.

As for 24 special it is amazing. Most shows are home runs giving you behind the scenes stuff. The Hardy's one is the best one they have done. Least fav was Women's Revolution as they are shoving it down our throats with first time this & that & basically forgetting Trish & Lita paved the way first. Don't get me wrong glad they are making strides but it doesn't excuse on how bad they booked them for over 8 years when they had Diva's Title


Registered Member
Table for 3 is definitely the best. Always fun to dive inside the minds of those superstars. Although I tend to pick and choose those I watch whenever I can find some online.

One show they cancelled that I loved was Legends with JBL. Pretty sure I watched them all and they were very fun. Especially the 2-parters.