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Favourite Rappers

Should FC merge with GF?

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Problematic Shitlord
Vince Carter said:
Eminem when he's not kidding around and he makes a song when he's serious then the song is really good, if you listen to is lyrics there really good and they all mean something which is pretty cool.
Eminem is pretty entertaining when he's goofing around. I love his comedy raps.


[Blur said:
eh, those choices...not enough

best rappers ever - papoose followed by cassidy!
I dont know about cassidy. but papoose is the best ev4R.
I was walking around his buildings a while back, trying to spot him for autographs.


Eminem probaly the best one there, but 2 pac is good. Eminem can make some funny interesting songs, but when he raps seriously he can tear it up.


Problematic Shitlord
wweman101 said:
I like dipset
Alright, enough. No more single line postings, I'm sick of seeing them. You need substance to your posts. If I was the mod of this forum, it would be deleted, along with any other instances. Start adding some more depth to your posts or you'll be getting time off.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Since the topic starter was not specific I did not give you a warning, but from now on I dont care where you post, if you post only a few words you will get a warning from me. Four of them and your banned for a few days.