Favourite pizza topping?


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So who likes Pizza and what's your favourite topping?

There are so many different ones on the 'market'. When I went to America there were toppings I'd never heard of. It seems you guys like your pizza more than us Brits.

My favourite topping is meat feast, I love it and generally eat at least one a week.


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I'm a meat lover so I have to either go with canadian bacon (no pineapples) or hamburger both are excellent.


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pepperoni, pepperoni, and more pepperoni -did i mention pepperoni?

My fav style is cheese filled crust and/or hand tossed...


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when I eat pizza I ask for a "Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Olive" thats my girlfriend and I's all time favorite!


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I like chicken club. Most pizza places don't make it though. Its chicken bacon onion and mayo. Sounds gross on a pizza but its delicious.
flying pie's meat lovers or whatever cause the meat is stacked soooooo high on it that you can barely close the box and the whole pizza weighs like 10 lb.s not even kidding......

pretty much if it has meat on it i'll eat it... who needs greens?!?!