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Movies Favourite Harry Potter Film

Which is your favourite HP film?

  • The Philosopher's Stone

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  • The Order of the Phoenix

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  • The Half Blood Prince

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  • The Deathly Hallows Part 1

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  • The Deathly Hallows Part 2

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So now that the 7 books have been turned into 8 films I'm curious to see what GF's favourite one is? It seems all the fans have their own personal favourite and not one so far really stands out as being the masses fave.

I personally like Prisoner of Azkaban the best. It was the first film where Hermione really got awesome and I get chills every time I watch the Shrieking Shack/Werewolf scene. It's just such an awesome plot and the director did it so well.


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My favourite has to be Chamber of Secrets. I had this on VHS and I pretty much watched it at every chance I got. I personally think that this movie kicked it all off. It was amazing.


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I like the Goblet of Fire. I think that was the first time where I went "damn..Emma Watson is smokin' ". also the triwizard tournament was pretty exciting.


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Chamber of Secrets has always been my fave. There's tons of adventure, the spiders were awesome, and those rides in Ron's car were totally wtf! And I def liked how the Phoenix saved Harry at the end. And I rolled when Ron said "Why the spiders? Why couldn't we follow the butterflies?" :lol:
My second choice woulda been either Order of the Phoenix or Half Blood Prince. Umbridge was an amazing retard, lol, and there was tons of info plus adventure in the second one. Prisoner of Azkaban was awesome too. Picking a total fave is just not easy.


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It isn't easy to pick a favourite from this consistently excellent movie franchise.

I rather enjoyed the visually creative approach that Alfonso Cuarón took with The Prisoner of Azkaban, and I felt that the final two instalments were quite emotionally gripping.

However, I find that I'm having to pick Goblet of Fire (but only just) because of some of the nice little character moments (like when Snape clunks Harry's and Ron's heads together) and the dragon scene. I love dragons!


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Goblet of Fire probably although it was a difficult decision, I love all of them except perhaps Order of the phoenix since it was my favourite book and the film seemed to disjointed and didn't do the book justice.


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The Goblet of Fire. It was the first of the movies where you realised that shit was getting serious. None of this cute kiddy crap.

The scene at the end where Voldemort returned was excellent.


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This is a very difficult choice. I loved all the books, but 5 and 7 were my favorites. 5 because the Order of the Phoenix and them fighting back...and 7 because you learn to the full extent how freaking awesome Snape is. As for the movies...I don't know. None of them had enough content in them. There was so much that was left out, and then extra added things that were not needed.

I think I'm going to go with Prisoner of Azkaban on this one.