Movies Favourite Disney film?


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I think Disney has always been good - especially for the little kids.

But what do you think is the best all time classic Disney film?

All the way from Aladin to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Beauty and the Beast. It is by far the best Disney classic in the bunch. I don't keep track of which studio does what now-a-days, so I am going to stick to the classics for this one.


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Best: Beauty and the Beast - for everything

Little Mermaid - for the music

Anastasia - story and illustration

Kuzco - for the humor

Cinderella - for the girly nostalgia


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I think Aladdin was always my favourite disney film when I was younger. I just couldn't get enough of that Genie. It was a simpler time, it was a better time, it was a bluer time.


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Either beauty and the beast or lion king,i watch 2 or 3 disney cartoons every weekend,my kids love them and we watch at least one on a sat morning.