Favourite days out?


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So what do you lot like doing for fun days out. Is it going to the cinema, watching sporting events or just chilling with mates.

Personally I love going to see Man United play but what about you guys?


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When I have the chance to have any of those days I'll be sure to let you know. Working 2 freaking jobs and going to the gym covers me just about and any other time I try to sleep as much as I can since I don't sleep nights very well and/or cleaning up around here or screwing around on net.


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well as for me i just like to hang around with my mates by the seaside or sometimes catch a movie..:D


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Car shows are my ideal day out. Decibel Drag Racing is also a major event for me. I love to see how other people have put their heart and soul into their car.

With my girl, anything unique, it's always wonderful to go out and try new things with someone close to you.


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I like to go watch our local baseball teams play, or if our band isn't participating in a show, me and my bros will go check that out.