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Favourite comedian?


I ♥ Haters
I only listed my favorite comedian, so it makes sense that I wouldn't mention him. You listed your top 9 and didn't include Robin Williams, so shame on YOU.
Hmmm, see I don't really find Robin Williams that funny, though. I think he's a phenomenal actor, but as a stand up comic, he's pretty much a hack. He's notorious for stealing other people's bits.

I get that stand up comedy is weird world. I mean, if you threw 10 comics together in a room and asked them write up new material, chances are that 7 outta 10 will have similar material. But with Robin Williams, that's not the case. He literally whips out his check book every time he "borrows" from another comic. I dunno, I just sorta expect better from him.

Although, with that being said, I will admit that I liked Weapons of Self Destruction.

Although I will say that you made me try to think of comedians that nobody else listed, and Bill Cosby at least deserves a mention.
I can't believe I forgot Bill Cosby. I also forgot to mention Patton Oswalt and Lenny Bruce.


Sally Twit
Jim Carrey is my favourite comedy actor, as well as my favourite actor in general. However, if we're talking stand up then I like Alan Carr and Lee Evans the best.


aka ginger warlock
Some of mine include:

For standup:

Eddie Izzard
Dylan Moran
Phil Jupitus
Mark Thomas
Chris Rock

In tv or movies:

Andrew Lincoln
Eddie Murphy
Leslie Neilson


Registered Member
I like pretty much every comedian. I have alot of respect for them. It is not an easy job.

My favourites (joint favourites) are Frankie Boyle and Jim Jefferies

Others that I enjoy are:

Kevin Bridges
Roy Chubby Brown
Dara O Brein
Rhod Gilbert
Pablo Francisco
Bill Hicks


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Comedy I love, so it's really really tough to make a list that isn't pages long haha. I'll just list who comes to mind right now.


-Jim Gaffigan
-Brian Regan
-Norm Macdonald
-Lewis Black
-Dave Chappelle
-Daniel Tosh


-Conan O'Brien
-Steve Carrell
-Jon Stewart
-Steven Colbert
-Jimmy Fallon


Registered Member
Jim Carrey has been my favorite since his debut in The Mask. What really made me like him more was his cartoonish portrayal of that mean green Dr. Seuss character:

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