Favourite Biscuits?


I am the woolrus
I heard on the radio the other day that the humble custard cream is officially the UK's no.1 biscuit, so i was wondering what would be generalforum's no.1 biccy?

My favourite would have to be the chocolate hobnob. It's definitely my favourite for dunking in a cup of tea aswell! Though recently i've been eatin mostly ginger nuts, especially when i'm on a budget (which is all the time lately! :p). Another favourite would be Wagon Wheels, but they're far too big to be considered as regular biscuits! They are pretty damn awesome though :D
I loooove custard creams. I think they are probably my favourite actually, even though I usually like chocolate to be involved. Hobnobs are very good for tea dunking, I agree.

So yeah, I'm siding with UK's no.1.