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Favourite Athletes of all time?


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Who are your favourite athletes you've ever witnessed or who are your favourite of all time?(current or retired)
mine are:

Joe Sakic
Drew Brees
Alex Kovalev
Dustin Pedroia


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Is this officially a top 5 or are we just listing whatever comes to mind?

Meh........ I guess the 2nd one then. In no particular order... (and I'm going with "seen play" or "witnessed")

Mario Lemeiux (NHL) - seen
Peter Forsberg (NHL) - seen
Dany Heatley (NHL) - seen/witnessed/edited-footage-of
Barry Bonds (MLB) - seen/witnessed/studied/edited-footage-of
Mark McGwire (MLB) - seen/witnessed
Rickey Henderson (MLB) - seen/witnessed
Jean-Sabastian Guigerre (NHL goalie) - seen
Anderson Silva (UFC) - seen/met-in-person
George St. Pierre (UFC) - seen
Joe Thornton (NHL) - seen/witnessed
Joe Pavelski (NHL) - seen/witnessed
Madison Baumgartner (MLB) - seen/witnessed
Matt Cain (MLB) - seen/witnessed

I think that's all I can remember. Trying to figure out if I've seen enough from other sports. Meh. Not really.


Sultan of Swat
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Since I’ve never seen Mantle, Ruth, Gehrig, Beliveau, Richard, I’ll leave them off my list.

Here are the ones that I have seen. Bolt, Vince Carter, Ian Thorpe, Gretzky, Mike Tyson, Bryce Harper, Terrell Owens, Patrick Roy, Carey Price, Kovalev, Donovan Bailey,

I can go on and on, but I’ll leave it at that for now.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
@Babe_Ruth - No Michael Jordan?

It's hard to pick just a few because I've watched sooooo many football players play for Ohio State over the last 20+ years and I have love and respect for almost all of them. I feel like it's like choosing your favorite child.

  • Michael Jordan - I liked him more when I was growing up than I do now, but it's hard not to include him since he's a legend in Chicago.
  • Jonathan Toews
  • Duncan Keith
  • Phil Mickelson
  • Andre Agassi
  • Rafa Nadal
  • Aaron Craft (OSU basketball)
  • David Lighty (OSU basketball)
  • Eddie George
  • Antoine Winfield
  • Troy Smith
  • Braxton Miller


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
He slipped my mind, I tried to leave it at one athlete per sport, so I chose Vince Carter for Basketball. But, yes, MJ is definitely one of my favourite athletes of all-time.

Care to elaborate about my “updated list” I don’t follow.


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Care to elaborate about my “updated list” I don’t follow.
You must have missed it. There was a topic about the increase in goalie pad size, or rule changes among which that was one of them, and Price was used to show how big pads have gotten.

I won't be completely free of that image until a team of teenage girls goes over and bops him several times with pillows (because that's what he looks like he's covered with himself).

So a lot of these new goalies have their stats from that. Roy I can say alright because he got out just before that era came along, but now they're all ridiculous. I saw Roy play too (as well as Brodeur), but Roy had his unusual flops and Brodeur always had a really good defense in front of him. So goalies don't really impress me all that much unless they really earn it and you know it. I'm sure he's good and all if you've seen him more than I have, but...... meh....... goalies aren't what they used to be.


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I guess for me it's the following:

Baseball: Paul Molitor
Football: Emmitt Smith
Soccer: Steven Gerrard
Basketball: Michael Jordan
Hockey: Doug Gilmour
MMA: Tito Ortiz
Boxing: Bernard Hopkins
Wrestling: Sting

Useless fact, but I've met 4 of the above I mentioned.


My favorite athletes are/were...

Patrick Marleau
Joe Thornton
Mario Lemieux
Tom Brady
Steve McNair
John Elway
Jeff Gordon