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Favourite Albums of 2010



Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst - Joe Budden

Nothing even came close to this album for me. I'm a HUGE Budden fan and this was definitely some of his best stuff. Only a couple of tracks on the CD that I didn't love and even those were better than a lot of other stuff I hear.


Haters gonna hate.
The Lady Killer by Cee-Lo Green
Slash's self titled debut solo album... GET IT.

and hopefully Kanye's new album.


#2 New Zealander
So, technically the year isn't over, but I can't see either of these 2 albums being topped for me.

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

YouTube - Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare (Official Music Video)

and Stone Sour - Audio Secrecy

YouTube - "Say You'll Haunt Me" - Official Video

So, what were your favourite albums from 2010?
You are so damn cool. Lol

I would also put Nightmare as my favourite, with congregation of the damned by Atreyu as a close second.



This gets added to my favorite albums of 2010...

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
- Kanye West

This CD blew my mind. You should definitely listen to it.


Registered Member
I haven't gotten my hands on Avenged Sevenfold's newest yet, though if that song is anything to go by then it'll be on my favourite's list. I had no idea Stone Sour had a new album out, so I'll have to get on that... Of the ones I have bought, I'd have to say Happiness by Hurts and Asylum by Disturbed would probably be my favourites, though it's a tough call.


Well-Known Member
OMG, I had completely forgotten about Disturbed - Asylum. Definitely one of my favourites from this year...It would come in 3rd place.
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