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  1. pantherace

    pantherace Registered Member

    I didn't see an old thread on this, so my apologies if this has already been done. I was wondering what kind of music you guys listen to. What's your favorite genre? Who's your favorite artist? What's your favorite album? What's your favorite song?

    My favorite genre is heavy metal, or black metal more specifically I guess. My favorite artist is Opeth, although Nightwish and Kamelot are becoming favorites of mine lately. My favorite album is probably Blackwater Park by Opeth, although I listen to Tool's 10,000 Days and Nightwish's album Once more probably. My favorite song...I can't really narrow down, but it would either be Dirge for November by Opeth, or Walk by Pantera, Nemo by Nightwish, Ohio by Neil Young, or Marilyn Manson's cover of Tainted Love.

  2. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    Arent Nightwish and Kamelot melodic metal, and not "black metal"? You might like Jute, if you can find them.

    Anyway, I listen to any type of music, and I'm not just saying that. I mostly listen to Dispatch, Sublime, Metallica, O.A.R., Pantera, and some other random stuff I keep in rotation.
  3. pantherace

    pantherace Registered Member

    Yeah I didn't mean to imply that Nightwish and Kamelot were black metal. I listen to a lot of black metal, but by no means is that all I listen to.
  4. SimplyGenius

    SimplyGenius Registered Member

    Basically, I like any music that isn't sexually provocative. People make music to express their heart; they listen to music to address their heart. I respect when people want to express something positive such as happiness or specifically romantic feelings. But there is a particular style of Hip-Hop that in itself is sexually provocative in nature. There is no other fitting way to dance to such music other than to "get dirty". And that I think is non-respectable.

    I also dislike the extreme hard-core rock that is all about screaming, and incredibly loud music, basically promotes a broken lifestyle. I like rock when you can hear what their saying, and that what they a re saying is positive. I like rap when it is a psoitive message, but when you fill it 10,987 f-words, it is just completely ridiculous.

    I like Stevie Wonder, Nickel Creek, J5, yellowcard, Queen, Eminem (SOME of his work) WIERD AL, bach, and jazz bands. In general, I enjoy music, as a way of expression. But some things DO NOT need to be expressed to the world.
  5. Phoenix

    Phoenix Fee-nix

    I agree, SimplyGenius. I enjoy classical music, good rap (of which there is very little), r and b, and the such. One of my favorite modern songs is "Theres Hope" by India Arie. It has such a great message, and it delivered well.
  6. SimplyGenius

    SimplyGenius Registered Member

    Nice Thinking, pheonix! -Heheh:D- Wonderman then grabs a torch and lights up the dried moss on the wall. Evilhighlyflammiblepieceofclothnailedonthewallamongstthedriedmossman then screams in agony, "Auugh! I'll get you for this Wonderma-" Fwoumph! Evilhighlyflammiblepieceofclothnailedonthewallamongstthedriedmossman poofs up in a ball of flame! He's zilch! Nada! But maybe Stanleymillerman can spontaneously generate an exact replica of the late Evilhighlyflammiblepieceofclothnailedonthewallamongstthedriedmossman, therefore dooming the patch of wall at that one water ride in Silverwood themepark from ever being shown to the general public, therefore, rendering them incapable of describing to New York Times EXACTLY what the themepark is like. Curses! Stay Tu- Sorry. I'm an entertainer, so I can get a little off topic. Hope you liked it.

    I'm in a marching band, and from where we do our daily rehearsal, I can basically see the Seattle Space Needle looming right above me. That area is really nice and tranquil. If you're ever in Seattle, drop by the general Seattle Center Area. It's pretty cool in my opinion.

    Anyways, marching has presented to me a number of different styles of music, which often exploits the "groovyness" in most music. Or you can make it sound threatening like "We have arrived, and we will kill you". Listen to "Crazy Train" by any good marching band, and you'll want to be heading for the high hills. We will be playing for the for the presentation of Boeing's "Dreamliner" pretty soon here. Maybe you'll see me on TV...(Actually, I won't be there, but I definetaly would, if I could. It's just that I just have conflicting obligations. You'll probably see our marching band playing "Ain't no other man" and "Don't Stop")

    Um, ya...GO HUSKIES!!! ---and music!..(I don't play for the Huskies Marching Band) Hope you liked my random post. I am REALLY tired, and am just typing some wierd stuff right now.
  7. Phoenix

    Phoenix Fee-nix

    Haha...yay for randomness :lol: :lol: :lol:
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  8. Mirage

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    So anyway. I like a ton of types of music. Right now one of my favorite artists is Keith Urban. Interestingly enough he is pretty much the only Country that I listen to.

    Keith Urban :: Home
  9. bishop_kain

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    My favorite music is the Kingdom Hearts CD. I listen to it even to this day. I also like Pink and Sonique. I have the DJ Sammy CD in my computer and it's fantastic.
  10. lampshade333

    lampshade333 Registered Member

    i really like Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Third Eye Blind...etc.

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