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Please tell me who your favorite wrestler is then please tell me your top three matches from that wrestler. It could be a past wrestler or a present wrestler.

Favorite Wrestler Bret the Hitman Hart:

Top 3:

HBK vs Bret Hart Iron Man Match(didnt like the ending obviously)
Bret Hart vs British Bulldog SummerSlam 92
Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Survivor Series 96
It's tough: Kurt Angle, Juvatude, MVP and Jeff Hardy. Argg.... I'll go with Kurt since he's very funny and a great wrestler.

Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar

That's the only match I can remember. I have a horrible memory. >.<;
You pick Kurt and you pick an mediocre match. What about his awesome feuds with Chris Benoit, those were some great matches. What about his feud with Trips? they put together some very very good matches.

For me it would have to be Triple H, he's the man.

1) hell in a cell triple H vs Cactus jack
2)Triple H vs Chris benoit vs Shawn michaels
3)Hell in a Cell Triple H vs Shawn michaels

or perhaps

Triple H vs the rock, anyone of them.