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SEGA Favorite Zone In Sonic The Hedgehog?

What is your favorite level in sonic the hedgehog?

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Alright we all know how it goes down in this timeless classic that will be enjoyed for years to come by everyone.

6 Zones (not counting final stage), 1 Blue Hedgehog, 1 Dr. Robotnik, a load of robotic enemies, and a load of coins.

which Zone is the best?

Green Hill Zone
Marble Zone
Spring Yard Zone
Labyrinth Zone
Star Light Zone
Scrap Brain Zone
Final Stage

Personally I have always liked all of the sonic levels but Green Hill Zone is my favorite, it's simple, easy to play, great music, and it doesn't have that dark feel like the rest of the game.:nod:


Ess Tii Eph Yu
I'm rather partial to Spring Yard zone myself. Loved the music. Loved avoiding the traps. Loved running to avoid getting hit.


Chirp Chirp
As much as the water freaked me out, I think I enjoyed Labyrinth Zone the most. Kept me on my toes. My sister always had to ask for my help there too so I felt like a Special Person . Water slides, vines, bubbles. If I squinted my eyes far enough, I usually died.. but I also felt like I might have been in a cartoon version of Atlantis at the same time. I can't quite remember the music for the zone but I don't think it was the best though.

Been ages since I had a play through of this game.


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Starlight Zone does it for me. A mix of the music and the amount of rings you can collect on it. Beautiful level design.